• How many kinds of products does your factory produce?

Our factory mainly produce Ring Main Unit( RMU) series
chassis truck VCB trolley Load break swith(LBS) ;
operating mechnism ,Vacuumm circuit breaker ,
earthing switch and various kinds of electrical apparatus.

• How about your products?

About our products,the quality more perfect than others,
because we have professional technical team to develop the products ,
and the product will be tested before it is put on the market.

• How many VCB trolleys and LBS operating mechanisms does your factory produce each day?

We almostly produce VCB trolley and operating mechanism 1500 pieces each day.

• What are your advantages about your products compared with other brand?

Firstly, our products pass through IOS14001 and IOS19001certification, sencodly,
we have professional CANS Lab to do the tests before putting on the markert,
Thirdly,we have professinal QC and design team to serve these products,
good quality has won the customers's trust.

• What is range of rated voltage of these products?

The rated voltage rangefrom 5KV to 40.5kv.

• What is the VCB trolley cabinet width range?

We have normal VCB trolley cabinet width, which is 500mm, 650mm, 800mm and 1000mm, if you can provide us the drawings, we also can cutomerized service for you.

• Do you have the product catalog for our reference?

Yes, if you are interested in our products,
I am willing to send you our products catalog.

• How long the LBS mechanism service life?

Our LBS mechanism can reach 5000 times, such as 03 mechanism,
circuit breaker mechanism can reach 10000 times, such as 07 mechanism.

• How long is the warranty period of your products?

Usually our products warranty can reach 3 years,
when it occurs error within 3 years, we will exchange to you for free.

• How many kinds of low voltage products does your factory produce?

Our company produce vavrious plug-in, mechanism, handle and various low voltage electrical assessories, if you need more information, I will send you the catalog for your reference.

• What's advantages of your prodcuts?

Firstly, our company owns over 30 years' experience of manufacturing electrical apparatus, the products quality are guaranteed;
Sencondly, the brand has won customers' trust, and strong R&D can meet your various requirements;
Thirdly well management can reduce your supply chain accidents and can be your strong support.

• What's your type of your incoming mechanism and outcoming mechanism of LBS operating mechanism?

Our incoming mechanism is C type mechanism,outcoming mechanism is K type mechanism.


• What is your company market share?

We are focus on the domestic market, Honestly overseas market involved not so long,but we almostly take over the half market share in the domestic market.

• Where is the market positioning of your products?

At present,our target is mainly developing iternational market,Let more people konw “Xingji”brand and trust our brand to get more order from internation market.

Company Profile

• How many years of your company producing electrical apparatus?

Our chairman has been in this market more than 35 years,and our factory started from 1989, in this market we have a good reputation

• Are you a trading company?how many people work in your company?

We are not a trading company,contrarily we are proessional manufacturer in electrical apparutus and equipment,we employ more than 500 people in Xingji electrical apparatus,and more than 2000 people in whole corporate.

• Can you briefly introduce your company for us?

Yes,  we are focus on the R&D, production and sales of high,medium and low voltage electrical components and complete sets of equipment accessories,as a professional manufacturer ,after 30 years' continuous efforts and growth development, now we have established eight investment companies that recruit more than 2000 employees.

• What advantages does Xingji have?

Xingji Electrical Apparatus is a key leader of electrical apparatus,which owns over 30 years’experience of manufacturing electrical apparatus and owns 8 susidaries in China knows your reqirements well,strong R&D can help you get better solution, lower your cost,improve your efficience with our stable quality.


• Can I only buy some spare electrical apparatus from you?

Yes, it is ok, we also sell our electrical apparutus seperately,
But the price will be little higher than the full complete items.

• Can you design the product for us if we provide the drawings?

Yes, It is no problem for us,if you have large quanlity,
it is our pleasure to provide the customerised service.

• Do you have MOQ limit of the electrical apparatus?

We didn't have the MOQ limit, one set is ok for us to sell you.

• Do you have VCB trolley and operating mechanism drawings for our reference?

Yes, if you require, I can send you the drawings for your reference.
about the technical details, I can consult the technical department to solve it.

• You will attend the fair to show your products?

Yes, we will attend the EP International Electric Power Exhibition held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 30th to December 2.

• What is the price of the VCB trolley?

The VCB trolley has different specifications, there is manual type and motorized type, it also can divide into different strokes,so accurate qunotation according to your requirements.

• Can you offer us the LBS technical parameters?

Yes, It is my pleasure to share with you the information.

• Can you take videos to show us your production lines and products?

Yes, when you are convenient,
I will take pictures to show you our company and products.

• Can you tell me what’s technical details for earthing switch?

The earthing switch rated voltage 12-31.5KV,
pole-to-pole distance refer to 150mm, 210mm, 275mm, 300mm, 350mm,
if you need more information, I will send you the catalog for your reference.

• How about your after sales service?

About the service, we are more perfect than others,
if the products have poor quality, we can exchange for you immediately.

• Can you help us to do tests with your products?

Yes, we provide test consulting services to our customers.,
Details such as product scope, test range, and cooperation prospect.

• Can you print our brand on the products?

Of course, we also do OEM to our customer's brand on the product and we have done it for our customers.

• Could I get sample orders before original orders?

Of course, we welcome sample orders to inspect and check our products' quality.


• Do you have normal products? if we have purchase orders, how soon arrange the express delivery ?

Yes,the normal products we can courier to you anytime,we arrange the express delivery according to your order,usually we can produce these products to arrange the express delivery for 3-5days

• How do you pack these products?

We pack these products one by one with bubble mat and PP film,export products we also have wooden case to pack these products


• How is your processing ability?

Our company’s processing ability includes bending, drilling, laser cutting ,compression,injection,punching,and electric welding of processing,we are able to provide material and finish product assmbly line and mass production.

• How many production lines in your company?

We have hundreds of fully automated and semi-automated production lines in our company and we have applied robotic arm to product lines,which can meet your requirements.

• Do you have an electroplating prod-uction line?

Yes,we have professional electroplating factory in our branch office, electroplating process is environmentally,which can meet Rosh requirement.

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