Circuit Breaker Contactor

  • Silver-plating Tuilip Contactor

    Silver-plating Tuilip Contactor

    Structural features:
    1. Electromagnetic polishing treatment of non-magnetic stainless steel bracket;
    2. Non-magnetic stainless steel ring tension spring binding;
    3. The contact piece is precision punched with T2 copper plate, and the surface is plated with thick silver.

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  • Silver-plating Fixed Contactor

    Silver-plating Fixed Contactor

    It is used for high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, central cabinet, handcart and other primary conduction.
    1. Purpose:
    The GC series one-time moving contact is based on the digestion and absorption of ABB product technology, and has been successfully developed by itself to replace all domestic products of similar imported products. Widely used in handcart circuit breakers such as ZN63 (VS1, VB1).

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