550m width manual Cradle

550m width manual cassette
550m width manual cassette
Usage and function

Chasis truck mainly used for switch equipment to install circuit breaker,transformer and other components,push and exit it,play a supplementary role in connecting the components with the busbar.

When chasis truck works with the internal mechanism of circuit breaker and other switchgear interlocking mechanism,can meet the interlock requirement of GB3906-five prevention.

1.In handcart  in test/isolation or work position , circuit breaker can switch on,but circuit breaker switch on later, the handcart cann't  move ,thus it prevent the belt point error close grounding switch.

2..handcart in work position or leaving test/isolation position about 10mm,earthing switch isn't switching on   to prevent the belt point error close grounding switch.

3.when earthing switch is switching on ,the handcart can't move from test/isolation position ,to prevent earthing   switch switching on position closing circuit.

4.when the chassis into the cabinet,once leaving in test /isolation position,handcart can't withdraw from the cabinet.

Type meaning

Lock plate for Chassis Truck

The handle

Earthing Clamp

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