Disconnector Switch

  • HH15 (QSA) Disconnector Switch

    HH15 (QSA) Disconnector Switch

    1 standard compliace

    IE C60947-3:1992(2nd Version)

    Low voltage switch equipment and control equipment

    Switch, Isolator,switch disconnector,and fuse com bination

    eledrical apparatus.


    Low voltage switches equipm ent and control equipm ent

    Switch jsolator ,switch disconnector,and fuse com bination

    electrical apparatus.



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  • HH15A(QA) Disconnector Switch

    HH15A(QA) Disconnector Switch


    The switch is mainly used in rated isolating Ac1000v, rate

    frequency 50Hz srated operational voltage AC 380V(400v),and

    Rated operational urent 31 50AIt is mainly used in short-dir-

    cult current industrial ele dtrical sets,as the switch-disconne ctor

    or load-switch or emergency switch in power supply circut and

    motor circuit to preserve the circuits.

    The switch is obverse rotary operating type ,and most fts

    too be applied in drawer-switchbox.

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  • JB/T8629-2006 Disconnector Switch

    JB/T8629-2006 Disconnector Switch

    The Hh15 series switch-disconnector-fuse and the HH15A (QA) &HHI5P (QP ) series switch-disconnector and
    double-throw transfer switch we produce are accord with JB/T8629-2006 standard

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  • HH15P(QP) Disconnector Switch

    HH15P(QP) Disconnector Switch

    3 Normal operating conditions

    3.1Surrounding air temperature

    A Maximum:No more than+ 40C

    B Minimum: No lessthan-5 C

    C Average temperature in 24 hours should not be m ore

    than+ 35C

    Note:when minimum temperature of surrounding air is

    un-der -10C or -25C .the customers should state to manufac

    turer on when plaoe an order.


    The altitude of installation place should not be higher than

    2000 meters,when it is used in higher altitude place ,the cus-

    tomers should negotiate with m anufacturer.

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