12KV Lateral-mounted vacuum circuit breaker

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12KV Lateral-mounted vacuum circuit breaker
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VBR (VCB)-12C side-mounted vacuum circuit breaker, an indoor high voltage indoor switchgear for three-phase power system with rated voltage of 12kV AC 50Hz, is used to protect and control the electrical apparatus, due to the special advantages of vacuum circuit breaker, it is especially suitable for places requiring frequent operation under the rated working current or places where short-circuit current is repeatedly cut off.

Series side-mounted type indoor vacuum circuit breaker (VCB-12KV)

VBR (VCB)-12C side- mounted vacuum circuit breaker adopts fixed installation, mainly for the fixed type switch cabinet, the circuit breaker can be used alone, also can be used in the ring network power supply, box-type substation or various non-standard power supply system.

 Modele and implication


 Main technical parameter

1Rated voltageKV12
2Max working voltageKV12
3Rated currentA630/1250630/1250630/1250/1600
4Rated short circuir breaking currentKA202531.5
5Rated short circuit closing currentKA506380
6Rated peak withstand currentKA506380
74S rated short circuit withstand currentKA202531.5

Rated insulation Level

Power frequency withstand voltage(Before and after rated breaking)KVIsolating distance:42
Impulse withstand voltage(Before and after breaking )KVIsolating distance:75
9Rated operation sequenceS0-0.3S-Co-180S-Co
10Mechanism LifeTimes10000
11Rated short circuit curent breakingTimes50
12Rated closing voltage of operating mechanism(DC)V110/220
13Rated opening voltage of operating mechanism(DC)V110/220
14Contact travelmm14±1
15Overstroke(Contact spring compression length)mm3.5±0.5
16Three-phase opening and closing lengthms≤2
17Contacting closing timems≤2
18Average opening speedm/s1.2±0.2
Opening timeMaximum operating voltages≤0.05
Minimum operating voltage≤0.08
21Closing times0.1
Main circuit resistance of each phase 

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